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Patience, Patience

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LIGHTS - Peter Faust

ARTISTS - Travis Caulk, David Drummond, David Dvorak, Aaron Farnsworth, Annie Green, Eric Roy, Ryan Spalding, Annika Spivey, Eric Spivey, Amanda Stidham, Daniel Stidham, Levi Throckmorton, Stefani Wilson


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Raid the quarry


Raid the Quarry is an "amps-to-11"-style rock band from Raleigh, NC playing high-energy, hard-hitting modern rock. Drawing on a broad tradition from classic rock to hardcore, blues to punk, RtQ combines singable melodies and head-banging beats into an approachable alt/rock sound familiar to fans of Anberlin, Foo Fighters, and Weezer.

Frontman Daniel Stidham’s songwriting has been compared to 90’s paragons such as Incubus and Jimmy Eat World, and the band’s 2016 EP, Priority One, reflected early-00’s pop-punk and post-hardcore like Story of the Year. Temporary Cemetery, their first full-length album, finds Raid the Quarry diversifying their sonic palate with a greater range of dynamics, tempos, time signatures, and vocal arrangements. An emphasis on huge snares and driving rhythms remains, while guitars are crisp and natural - the result of playing through loud amps with minimal effects. Guitarist Brian Rogers contributes an off-handed, folksy vocal and writes four of the record’s ten tracks, making this a true collaborative effort.

“There aren’t a lot of people making the music we’re making right now,” Stidham says. “That’s why we keep making it. It’s the music I love, the music I want to hear. So it’s something we’re passionate about and I think it’s a void we fill in the local scene.” With Temporary Cemetery, Raid the Quarry will continue to bring the music they love to the Triangle and beyond in 2019.

Daniel Stidham / Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Farnsworth / Bass
Brian Rogers / Lead Guitar, Vocals
Trey Yoder / Drums

Photos by Kristen Abigail Photography 


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